Maximum sports fun and optimal health

Our vision.

Joosten Refoam strives towards optimum health, maximum enjoyment in playing sports and the best performance by the sportsman or woman happy to be playing on a field with perfect properties. A suitable underlay is an indispensable part of an artificial turf pitch with good sport technical properties.

The Joosten Refoam shock pads have the right sport technical properties and are characterized by a very favourable price to quality ratio and additionally they will last for years. It really is the ideal investment in the long term.

High level production and development.

The shock pads are designed by Joosten Refoam and are produced in cooperation with Overath, a German company. André Piels, founder of Joosten Refoam, has more than 15 years of experience in designing and producing shock pads. Together with Overath, Joosten Refoam developed a premium shock pad, made of EPP (Expanded Polypropylene).

Overath GmbH
The renowned company Overath specializes in manufacturing high quality EPP products. As a supplier to the automotive industry for example, Overath GmbH manufactures various products based on EPP, according to very strict quality requirements (such as DIN ISO16949). The firm is STeP certified with regard to the environment and corporate social responsibility and the Joosten Refoam shock pads are therefore manufactured to the same strict quality requirements.