Shock pads for artificial turf sports fields and playgrounds

Reduce the risk of injuries and brain damage.

Playing sports on artificial turf without a proper shock absorbing underlay carries many risks. That is why Joosten Refoam designed “shock pads” for artificial turf. Using a shock absorbing underlay lowers the risk of injuries and brain damage as a consequence of playing sports on artificial turf.

It is crucial that sports grounds with artificial turf have the right underlay. Whether the field is used by recreational or professional sportsmen and women, if the underlay is too hard or too soft, this may give rise to various types of physical complaints.

For example, an underlay that is too hard may cause problems with the joints. Moreover, the shock that the body endures with every step may lead to a concussion. The consequences are well known; studies show that people up to the age of 25 are particularly susceptible to lasting brain damage. This is why it is important that artificial turf has the right amount of damping, not too much and not too little. This is achieved by using a good shock pad.

If the underlay is too soft, this feels unnatural and the consequence is a heightened risk of muscle injuries. Therefore, a proper artificial turf system for sports fields cannot do without a good shock absorbing underlay.

Optimum performance of a sport system.

The Joosten Refoam shock pads have been designed specifically for pitches with artificial turf and strike the right balance between the correct amount of damping and firmness. That makes shock pads the perfect underlay for healthy and safe sports on artificial turf.

However, the shock pads by Joosten Refoam do more than just absorb shocks. Thanks to the high horizontal drainage capacity, the brilliant thermal insulation and the firmness of the Joosten Refoam shock pads, a cheaper structure can be used for the underlay. This makes the installation of an artificial turf pitch cheaper.

With Joosten Refoam shock pads you ensure:
Optimum performance of the sports field;
Best characteristics from a sport technical point of view.
Optimum performance of the sportsman or woman;
Enjoyment of sports on the best possible pitch.

Joosten Refoam shock pads.

Designed for optimal performance for system and athlete.

aABs Shockpad upper

Installation dimensions: 75.3 x 43.3 x 0.9 inch

Special designed upper side for an optimum interaction withartificial turf
High vertical drainage
aABs Shockpad below

High horizontal drainage